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[Sharing] Family and Personal Cash Flow/Expense Tracking - Excel Template File

The MS Excel Template is now FREE to download!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions, ‘what have I spent my money for?’ or ‘where have I spent my money to?’

You must have once taken some money from your Bank Account, and then on the following days you got a little shocked when all of that money has vanished from your wallet, and afterwards those questions above must have popped in your head… you don’t remember what your money was being spent to/for and you have lost track of your spending…

I know I have experienced being in that situation and sometimes it gives you headache if you can’t remember a thing about your spending… or, you remember that your money being spent to a few little things but you can’t remember the detail amount of money spent on each of the little things and you have lost the receipt on that spending.

Now, I have the solution for the above situation, I have developed a Microsoft (MS) Excel Template that can be used to record your daily financial or cash activities/transactions. Furthermore, with this template you can record not only your spending, but also your receipts, this way you will not only know the information about your spending but also your cash flow as a whole (cash-in and cash-out).

You can also use this template to make forecast/projection and budgeting on your money/cash for one year ahead. This template might also be useful to those of you who at the moment are starting your own small business; this template can help you manage your money coming in and out from your business.

This template is an enhanced version of the template that I have been using for myself for almost two years since 2014. The enhancement itself was just being done on September and October 2015, and the testing of the new enhanced template was done on November 2015. Now that this template have been tested and found foolproof and reliable, then I think it is ready to be released to the public.

It’s an easy to use excel template file, all you have to do is just load this template file in your MS Excel (2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016) and then input your daily transactions, incoming revenue and expenses, into the template. This template will then automatically record all your incoming revenue and expenses that you inputted, automatically calculate/summarize it into a table report. This template will also automatically create three interactive charts/graphs of the inputted transactions. A manual instruction on how to use this template will also be sent to the person who buys it and I will gladly help should you have problem(s) with this template.

You must be going to think that there are already a lot of other MS Excel templates which offers a similar idea, and then what is the difference? What is so special about my template over the others? Well, honestly, I don’t know… I haven’t tried other templates besides mine, therefore you have to try out the template for yourself…

You must also be going to think that there are already a lot of apps (on android, iOS, Windows Phone) which offers a similar idea; well it’s just a matter of your preferences, and for me, I prefer to use MS Excel to record my financial activities as it offers much more friendly interface.

OK, to give you a glimpse on what my MS Excel template is offering, here are a few screenshots of the template. 

Summary of Transaction/Activities - Tab/Sheet
Monthly Detail Summary of Transaction/Activities - Tab/Sheet
Cash or Bank Balance Summary - Tab/Sheet
Receivables and Payables Summary - Tab/Sheet
Summary Transaction/Activities Interactive Chart - Tab/Sheet
Monthly and Year to Date Revenue and Expenses Interactive Chart - Tab/Sheet
Daily or Monthly Detail Transaction Input - Tab/Sheet
Detail Credit Card Usage - Tab/Sheet

Feeling interested after seeing the above screenshots? 

You could download it from the following link:


  1. This template is made using Microsoft Excel 2010 and already tested and found working on Microsoft Excel 2007, 2013 and 2016 (I did not test on other versions beside the versions I mentioned)
  2. Microsoft Excel is part of Microsoft Office, Copyright of Microsoft Corporation, All rights reserved. Please, always use the Original Product of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office. Piracy is a Crime!
  3. This template copyright of Ari Nur Rahman (, developed in September - October 2015; Please kindly appreciate my effort in making this template and please do not distribute this template without consent and approval from me
  4. Don't forget to leave a comment below. Any inputs are appreciated!

Thank You!

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